What Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction In A Young Man?

Despite popular belief, when it comes to the subject of erectile dysfunction (ED), it’s definitely not just an old man’s problem. Most of the advertisements that run continuously on television focus on how getting older can affect the ability to perform in the bedroom. The truth is, many younger men are having just as much trouble getting and maintaining an erection.

So what can cause erectile dysfunction in a young man?

Erectile dysfunction in young men is often the result of anxiety, weight issues, and consuming too much alcohol, but there are many other causes as well. When ED strikes a young man, the problem can often become worse because most young adults are not prepared to deal with such embarrassing circumstances when they have long believed this issue was only an old man’s problem. By understanding what causes erectile dysfunction in a young man, it’s possible to educate, take action, and cure the issue to improve sexual performance.

Performance Issues

Many young men who have intercourse for the first time experience erectile dysfunction issues because they simply want to perform so well that they become consumed with the entire process, sometimes to the point of paralysis. According to the National Institutes of Health, over 5% of men between the age of 20 and 39 are affected by erectile dysfunction. This issue tends to be more of a psychological problem instead of a physical one.

The performance anxiety can turn a temporary problem into a permanent one if not addressed in a timely manner. The bottom line: the more you worry about performing in bed and the more time you spend thinking about past failures, the more likely you are to experience some form of erectile dysfunction during intercourse.

The Power Of Depression

Those profound feelings of hopelessness, emptiness, and sadness associated with depression can also trigger erectile dysfunction in younger men. One of the leading side effects of depression is the lack of desire for sexual relations.

Reduced libido makes young men unable to maintain a strong, powerful erection for sexual intercourse. Depression can cause erectile dysfunction to worsen over time as each failure in the bedroom only increases the state of depression which further reduces libido, resulting in a vicious cycle that must be broken in order to reverse the condition.

Condom Issues

The simple act of putting a condom on the penis can cause such an enormous amount of stress in a young man that it can easily lead to erectile dysfunction. The Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago recently did a study with over 200 young men and discovered that nearly 25% of these men lost their erection simply trying to put on a condom.

According to results of the study, these men felt the act of putting on a condom tends to break their concentration and disrupts the intense sexual mood that led to the erection in the first place. Those who were able to put a condom on successfully complained they lost the sensation in the penis and began to lose the erection.

If you experience this type of erectile dysfunction, you can try thinner condoms for better sensation or find fun ways for your partner to help put on the condom, so you can stay in the heat of the moment.

Consuming Too Much Alcohol

Many young men are drawn to places like clubs and bars in order to meet women. Unfortunately, these places are also prone to high levels of alcohol consumption.

The combination of excessive alcohol and sexual intercourse can ultimately end in erectile dysfunction. The increase in alcohol does not improve sexual performance like many young men are led to believe. It does tend to decrease social inhibition which allows many young men to approach women more easily, but the alcohol acts as a depressant. The more alcohol a young man consumes, the more their ability to perform is reduced.

Excessive Weight Issues

While being overweight will not directly cause erectile dysfunction in young men, it can lead to many diseases that are known risk factors for ED. Being obese can lead to vascular disease and type 2 diabetes, both of which are known contributors to erectile dysfunction.

Carrying extra weight can also lead to physical limitations that can impact performance in the bedroom. Hormonal changes triggered by the excessive body fat can cause erectile dysfunction along with many other more serious diseases.

How To Get Help If You’re A Young Man Suffering From ED

Because many physicians believe most causes of erectile dysfunction in young men are psychological, counseling can often resolve the issue without the need for medications. There are also diet-based programs like the Erectile Dysfunction Protocol by Jason Long which can be undertaken from home without the harmful side effects of drugs. To learn more about this treatment option, read: Erectile Dysfunction Protocol Review – Can Jason Long Help You Cure ED And Take Back Your Manhood Naturally?

By understanding what factors are contributing to your own erectile dysfunction, sex therapy doctors can help you better diagnose and treat the issue. With many natural remedies available for treating erectile dysfunction, potentially dangerous medications are better left as a last resort.