Nordictrack X9I Incline Trainer Vs. Bowflex Tc 20

Getting ready to get into shape can be really frustrating. You have to figure out what you’re going to eat and what type of exercise plan to tackle. That’s exactly what I did. Being a fat man in my thirties, it was time to do something. I was on the road to some serious health problems. So what did I do? I did some research. I found some recipes that were healthy, easy, and something that I would definitely like. Otherwise it’s a losing battle. Then I did some research on some exercise machines. I looked at several and there were two that caught my interest. One was the NordicTrack X9i incline trainer and the other one was the Bowflex TC 20 TreadClimber.

Both of these exercise machines pretty much had the same claims. They burned a bunch of calories by just walking. So I decided to check them out. The main difference that I saw by just looking at them was the NordicTrack X9i looked like a traditional treadmill and the Bowflex TC 20 had “treadles” which move separately with your feet. But when I really started to look at them there were big differences.

The X9i allows you to burn so many more calories than your traditional treadmill. Because of the incline you can burn up to 5 times more. It is a walking and hiking machine all in one. It has a -6 to 40% incline. So the more you incline, the more you burn. It features iFit which works with Google maps and you can work out in Fiji or hike in the Swiss Alps. It will automatically adjust to the terrain just like you were there yourself. You can also plug in your iPod, and listen to your favorite songs, and check your heart rate with the sensors in the handles. The web enabled touch screen allows you to take your mind off your workout by going anywhere on the web.

The Bowflex TC 20 also inclined but not as much. The display didn’t have as many features as the X9i and was pretty basic. And it is primarily for walking. It did seem to have a lower impact workout however due to the “treadles” coming up to meet your feet.

Overall I chose the NordicTrack X9i incline trainer. It had so much more to offer, and was so much more motivating. And believe it or not, it was quite a bit less expensive.