Battling Weight Gain In My Thirties

I used to be a brick mason tender, meaning I was the guy who actually brought the bricks and blocks to the masons who lay them. This combined with the fact that I was working in Florida was enough to keep me in shape through my early twenties. After working my way through college, I got a good job working at a desk. Unfortunately, the lack of physical activity took a substantial toll, and I gained nearly 100 lbs in eighteen months. When I was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure at the age of thirty, I realized I knew I had to do something drastic.

The Starvation Diet

Like most people who are new to dieting, I made the mistake of trying to limit my calorie intake to practically nothing. I was eating only salad and kale with light dressing, with no egg or croutons. I was hungry all the time, but I did lose forty pounds in two months. Unfortunately, the lack of food caused my metabolism to slow way down. When I returned to my regular eating routine, I ended gaining back more weight than I lost. I realized that the starvation diet wasn’t for me, so I began to research other options. This is when I came across the low-carb diet, which initially seemed like a dream come true.

The Low-Carb Diet

I was thrilled to find that I could eat bacon and steak and still lose weight, and this is exactly what happened. I dropped thirty-five pounds in five weeks, but I experienced a serious health risk. My diabetes causes my blood-sugar levels to fluctuate, and the lack of sugar in my diet conflicted with my internal anatomy. While preparing dinner one night, I began to feel light headed. Fortunately, my wife was home and she heard me when I passed out with a thud. After finding out my sugar plummeted to a 42, I realized I needed to find another diet.

The Paleo Diet

This diet was interesting and it was easier to stick to than a strictly low fat routine. It wasn’t as tempting as the low-carb diet, but it wasn’t a health threat either. The paleo diet consists of eating lean meats, nuts and other foods that people ate when all of mankind was at peak physical health. I was initially skeptical about this diet, but I did lose twenty pounds the first five weeks. The paleo diet isn’t a fad; it’s a complete change of lifestyle.

The Paleo Difference

I’m not limited to the portions I can eat, and I can regulate my sugar levels by eating fruits and berries. I never have to eat anything I don’t want so long as I stay away from dairy, breads and glucose. This doesn’t mean I don’t eat dessert, because my wife has a citrus and apple glaze recipe that will make anyone forget about cakes and pies. I’m back down to my high school weight now, and my wife wears a smaller dress size than she did when she was eighteen. We also have elevated energy levels (and sex drives) because we only eat the foods mankind was meant to eat.