My name is Greg MacPherson but people call me Mac. Not long ago they used to call me Big Mac; not only because I loved Big Macs, but also because I was 5′ 10″ and weighed almost 350 pounds. My beer belly was swollen full of fast food and cold beer and it hung over my belt buckle. Even though my wife Valerie was constantly on my case telling me I was too fat, I was proud of my weight. To me it represented good living just as much as my sprawling suburban home. But now I’m a totally different man.

The change started when I began having pains in my jaw, arms, and chest. Then suddenly at work one day I passed out. When I came to I was in the hospital; the doctor told me I had suffered a mild heart attack. He said if I didn’t change my diet and lifestyle the next one could kill me. My wife was crying and begging me to do something. I made up my mind right then that I wanted to live and would do whatever was necessary.

It began with my diet. I swore off fast food and began eating a healthier diet; one high in fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and lots of water. Plus instead of going to a bar after work every day, I went to the gym instead and started an exercise program. At first it was mainly stretching and walking a mile or two 5 days a week; gradually I added a little weight training and a boxer’s workout. My wife and Chris Luster, my best friend pushed and encouraged me. My wife made sure I stuck to my diet, and my buddy worked out a couple times a week. We all lost weight!